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About Al-Buhaira

Asir region is the dazzling magic wand that made her the first hit in the canal tourism economy in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, was varied terrain of the beautiful coastline and breathtaking heights to draw a crown embroidered aesthetic forms of diverse geography. The magnificent jewel in the crown (the city of Abha) bride sleeping in the lap of nature at an altitude of three thousand meters above sea ... Spring on the throne governs beautiful dream, and surrounded by velvety ceiling of the mild weather that drives him regiments holidaymakers annually to inflict Carnival natural beauty and environmental clean which is unmatched by any Carnival ... This is all made Gorgeous Abha pioneer, and owner of the above for other cities and regions of the Kingdom in the field of economic profitability of tourism ... This made the tourist city of Abha in the summer and an important educational center in the winter, and also characterized the industrial direction, a special place for the holding of scientific conferences and economic development.

In 1978 established the first hotel in the city of Abha
Hotel lake
The first step in the process of domestic tourism
The first step in the tourism dream song
The first step in the edifice of hotel services

With the start of the development plans mighty Asir region was established hotel lake as the first hotel is first class in Abha city specifications a modern had been prepared by a Swiss company specialized was the hotel and its facilities into line for the development of leap as high in the region make it a symbol of the service concept hotel tourism in the minds of the people of Asir region and Zouraha and holidaymakers from the people of the Kingdom and Persian Gulf countries who have found all the requirements of attractions that make the holiday hotels lake event in life does not forget nor compensated in any other place.

(Nobility and authenticity)
Hmokhana slogan emphasizes the promotion of tourism and hotel services, and Raadatna everyone in the Asir region
It has been the quarter-century sculpture and Khaleda began construction on a land area of ​​36 thousand square meters, you’re a
The quality of difficult terrain has been configured to create modern facilities conveniently access all the services and luxury villas
And a variety of green spaces and gardens to be starting the first tourist edifice Asir region (Lake Hotel).

Our location is hotel lake of the importance of aesthetic and service, it is not far from the airport, her father more than 15 km, and it is not far from the commercial center and the government more than 5 minutes, and excellence is not only that, but because it is located on the road fated toward the park Sawdah, and stay in inside the hotel that you are the most beautiful natural parks, and the hotel overlooking Abha Dam Lake, and scenes of natural beauty.

Glorious past
When we look at the record protocol
And oversees the hotel to visit a number of members of the royal family,
As well as foreign dignitaries prince Philippe and others.
We find that the hotel has a glorious past
The hotel is the lake is already
(Nobility and authenticity)